Lois Grain

Up up and away!

Height: 6′ 1″

Weight: 180 lbs.

Signature Moves: Figure-Four Leg Lock, Body Scissors, Disarm Her, Cross Face, Bussin’ Crab,  DDT, Leg Drop, Big Boot, Michinoku Driver, Piledriver, Camel Clutch, Cannon Ball, Stinkface

Finishers: “Look At My Butt” Superkick, Booty Call (Submission)

Style: Pro Style

Favorite Wrestlers: ODB, Awesome Kong

Favorite Match: Fart Jar

One time circus performer turned Super Awesome Showdown Superstar. Lois Grain has been working and wrestling on the independent scene for over 8 years. Creator and founder of butt Wrestling Inc.

Matches Featuring Lois Grain